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Petis Udang Radjawali


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Special Radjawali Shrimp Petis - Original Sidoardjo

Petis Shrimp Radjawali Istimewa - Asli Sidoardjo Petis is an Indonesian cooking spice made from soupy food processing products (usually from pindang, kupang, or shrimp) which are heated until the liquid gravy becomes thick like a denser sauce. In further processing, the paste is added with brown sugar. This causes the color to become dark brown tends to black and tastes sweet. Shrimp petis is known as a special spice in Sidoarjo cuisine. Petis are commonly used as seasoning in several foods such as rujak (cingur, gobet, sweet), kupang lontong (Sidoarjo), clover (Surabaya), lontong racing (Surabaya), tofu mix (Lamongan), tofu tek (Lamongan), or campor (Madura). Egg Petis in Surabaya is a favorite home-cooked dish. The taste of this petis is very delicious and suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people.
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