Sajiku Tepung Bumbu Serba Guna/ Multipurpose Seasoning Flour 220 gram


Categories : Food Condiments


Sajiku® Multipurpose Seasoning Flour is made from a combination of flour and selected spices, which makes your fried food crispy and delicious in a practical way. Sajiku® Multipurpose Seasoned Flour can be used to fry various types of dishes such as chicken, fish, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, etc.

1 pack of Sajiku® Multipurpose Seasoning Flour 220g is suitable for 1 kg of fried chicken.

Discover the deliciousness of other Sajiku® Tepung Bumbu variants such as Crispy Bakwan, Crispy Golden, Spicy Versatile, Crispy Tempeh and Crispy Banana

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